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Cosmetic Drummoyne

Get a whiter and healthier smile with our veneers and crowns in Drummoyne

At The Smile Dental, we take our cosmetic dentistry work with all seriousness, and this is the reason why we use the best and latest equipment that you would find in Australia. 

cosmetic Dentistry

Our dentists are experienced and trained to understand what you may need in these cases. This is why they design treatment plans that are tailored specifically to you. So, in case you are not happy with how your teeth look, all you have to do is get in touch with our team now.

What you need to know about our crowns

We normally suggest crowns in case of teeth that are broken down and ones where you have the bigger fillings. These restorative devices are made in labs, and this is something that you must know before you get veneers and crowns in Drummoyne. Here at The Smile Circle, we provide you with a range of crowns that are different from the next. We have different options for you to choose from in this regard in terms of materials.

A few words on veneers

Veneers can be described as rather fine coverings that are placed on discoloured and chipped teeth. These are two types. The first is made by dentists and bonded straight away with your teeth. The second ones are made in pretty much a similar way as crowns. In these cases, the dentists prepare your teeth for the veneers, take impressions of your mouths, and place a temporary restoration over there. These cosmetic veneers are made by dental technicians perfectly so that the dentists have no issues fitting them into your mouth. The veneers made from porcelain are designed specifically to bring back the beauty of your smile.

They are normally thin shells of the constituent materials used for them. We design them most exquisitely so that they can fit over your existing teeth and improve areas such as size, colour, and shape. This is why we are in such demand when it comes to veneers and crowns in Drummoyne.

cosmetic Dentistry

When should you go for veneers?

Veneers are a rather long-lasting and efficient way to get back the smile that you always desired. They are normally bonded to the front part of your teeth and this is the reason why they can mask your dental sins – in fact, they can do so for so many of them! In a way, these veneers can be called the ideal solutions for a variety of dental issues such as the following:

  • Ingrained teeth staining that cannot be corrected by only teeth whitening 
  • Crooked teeth
  • Naturally-discoloured teeth
  • Diastemas or slight gaps in teeth
  • Cracked, broken, and chipped teeth
  • Minor misalignments 

They are a much less intrusive solution compared to the likes of dental implants & crowns, or orthodontic treatments such as braces. 

How are crowns different from veneers?

A lot of people tend to equate veneers and crowns. However, this is not correct as they are indeed different in several ways. First of all, the veneers cover only the frontal surface of a tooth, but a crown replaces the total biting surface of the same. A veneer has to be applied to your natural tooth while a crown can be used on a dental implant as well. In that case, it would act as a replacement for the natural tooth. As far as the application on natural teeth goes, veneers are applied mainly to the frontal teeth while crowns are used more in the case of premolars and molars. 

Both crowns and veneers may be made of the same material. But these days, you have more options for crowns. This is because they are put under greater pressure during activities like chewing. Veneers are primarily supposed to serve cosmetic purposes with a bit of restorative functionality, and it is just the other way round, in the case of crowns.   

cosmetic Dentistry

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