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Get the best, most efficient crowns and veneers in Strathfield

Are you looking to improve your smile, have better dental hygiene, or improve your overall well-being? In that case, you must visit The Smile Circle because our team has the experience to help you in Strathfield. For us, your satisfaction is the most important factor, and this is why we provide you with the best veneers and crowns in Strathfield. This is why we always put in plenty of effort to make sure that you are walking out of our office feeling the most refreshed you have felt in a while. We make sure that you are totally happy with your smile.

A few things to know about dental crowns

A crown can be called the restoration that covers an exposed tooth. It strengthens and improves its appearance. These crowns are mostly made of porcelain only. However, gold is also a preferred material in cases where the tooth in question is not immediately visible when you are smiling.

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Normally our teeth are among the toughest parts of our bodies. However, just as we often have curveballs thrown our way by life, teeth can suffer from accidents as well. It is not as if the benefit of crowns is limited only to what we have said above. Our veneers and crowns in Strathfield can also help protect weak teeth that may be on the verge of breaking and fix teeth that are already broken.

Our teeth do put up with a lot and there are several situations where they have to be reinforced.

A few things to know about fixed bridges

A bridge can be called a fixed restoration that replaces one or a couple of missing teeth. They are normally supported by using dental implants or adjacent teeth. You can be sure that our crowns and bridges in Strathfieldare much better than what any other dental clinic in the area can offer you. In these cases, the artificial teeth – also known as pontic – are attached to each side of the gap in your teeth. The bridge in this case is bonded on permanently. This means that there is no need to remove them every night and put them in a glass beside your bed. 

This is why life is so easy when you have crowns and bridges done at our dental clinic in Strathfield.   

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A few things to know about veneers

These are thin cosmetic restorations that are applied to the front of your teeth so that their appearance can be improved. If you want dramatic results, we suggest that you place a couple of them next to each other. Our veneers and crowns in Strathfield can be just what the doctor ordered for you! They are ideal options in case your teeth are misshapen, gapped, or crooked. They are normally made using materials such as ceramic and porcelain. The action of veneers is pretty much the same that contact lenses can have for your eyes. 

Normally in these cases, a small amount of enamel is removed from your teeth so that the veneer does not look heavy. This amount is about as thick as that of a fingernail. There is a tremendous demand for these products along with our crowns and bridges in Strathfield. Apart from what we have said already, veneers can also help with issues such as discolouration and staining of teeth. In certain cases, they can also be moulded to deal with the misalignment of teeth.

We stay on top of innovations

Dental technology has advanced significantly in the last few years. This means that the products that are being created in this domain now are more lifelike and stronger than they were earlier. Cosmetic dentistry forms a major part of the work at The Smilem Circle. Apart from crowns and veneers, bridges, we also have teeth whitening services, invisalign, dental implants & dentures, and DSD or digital smile design.

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We always start our treatment by examining your teeth and gums, and asking you some questions so that we can get an accurate idea of the options that would be suitable for you. If you wish to know more about this, please feel free to get in touch with us by dropping us an email at or calling us at (02) 9166 7757.

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