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Warm greetings from The Smile Circle, where a comprehensive outlook on dental wellness awaits you.

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Our Special Offers

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Check-up & Clean

  • Comprehensive Exam and Consultation
  • Scale & Clean
  • Gum Health Assessment
  • Refreshing Fluoride
  • New patient hygiene gift
  • X-rays (if required)
  • Health fund rebates available!


  • Complimentary Smile Consultation & X Rays (Savings of $160)
  • Bonus gift: Custom retainers (valued at $600)
  • Celebratory Gift: Professional Whitening Kit (Savings of $650)
  • New Patient Hygiene Kit
Dental Implants Dentist Bargara


  • Complimentary Smile Consultation & X Rays (Savings of $160)
  • Highly Quality, Natural-looking veneers
  • FREE Check up & Clean with Veneers treatment
  • New Patient Hygiene Kit
strathfield nsw, dentist in strathfield, dental practices, dentist strathfield, exceptional care, beautiful smile

Dental Implants

  • Complimentary Smile Consultation with X-Rays (Savings of $340)
  • Celebratory post treatment gift: Smile Portraits (Valued at $299)
  • New Patient Hygiene Gift
  • Long lasting, comfortable dental implants
Smile Circle

We provide the latest in dentistry technology for your comprehensive dental care needs.

At The Smile Circle, we embrace cutting-edge technology like DSD (Digital Smile Design) and iTero intraoral scanner and advanced dental imaging with our in-house CBCT. This means better diagnosis, efficient treatments, and ensuring your smile is always at its best.

Your Favourite Dental Destination

Imagine a place where dental care feels more like a treat than a chore. Welcome to The Smile Circle, where we offer a diverse range of treatments, from innovative Airflow cleans and transforming Invisalign aligners to dazzling teeth whitening and beyond. Whether you’re after a routine check-up or a complete smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry, our doors are always open. Let us be your go-to destination for all things dental.


Our Dental Philosophy

At The Smile Circle, we don’t just see a mouth; we see the person behind the smile. Our vision is rooted in the belief that dentistry, at its core, is a fusion of science, art, and heart. Every set of teeth tells a story, and we’re here to ensure that your story is one of health, happiness, and confidence.

Our commitment is twofold. First, to stay updated with the dynamic world of dental advances, ensuring we bring you the perfect blend of trusted methodologies and new-age techniques. Second, and more importantly, to listen. To listen to your concerns, aspirations, and stories. It’s this blend of technical prowess and genuine human connection that we believe sets us apart. Each visit is more than a routine check; it’s a step towards achieving our shared vision of holistic well-being, where your smile speaks volumes about your health and happiness.

Compassionate Dentistry, Brighter Smiles

At The Smile Circle, we believe in more than just dental procedures. We see the stories, dreams, and moments behind every smile. Our team approaches each patient with understanding and professional care, ensuring your comfort while crafting a smile that not only looks great but feels great too. It’s where compassion meets skill, leading to brighter, confident grins.

A Few of the Confident Smiles We've Helped Create

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Dr. Shetty has been my dentist for a number of years now. She has always been thorough and knowledgeable and has a very calming approach which makes visits most pleasant. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

gmb reviews

My family and I are patients of Dr Shetty for 10years. Her warm and cheerful demenour make every visit less stressful. Dr Shetty is meticulous and really cares about her patients. Her new practice, The Smile Circle is inviting and she uses new technoloy to achieve the best results. We would happily recommend her service to everyone.

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gmb reviews

Whether we like it or not, we all have to go to the dentist. Di Shetty has been my dentist for many years now. She has always been thorough and knowledgeable and has a very calming/friendly, approach which makes visits most pleasant. I have no hesitation in recommending her

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We are conveniently located across the road from Dr Shetty's old practice.

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Made for your comfort

During your consultation, you will be provided with the treatment options available, and you can then decide on the most suitable treatment plan based on this discussion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aesthetic dentistry, commonly known as cosmetic dentistry, is a specialised field of dental care aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of gums, teeth, and the overall smile. It encompasses a variety of dental treatments designed to enhance dental aesthetics in colour, position, shape, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance.

Modern cosmetic dentistry employs the latest dental technology to offer patients innovative solutions that are efficient, durable, and natural-looking. This technology not only improves the effectiveness of treatments but also reduces recovery times and enhances the overall patient experience.

Key Dental Services in Cosmetic Dentistry
  1. Teeth Whitening: Perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental service, teeth whitening can significantly brighten one’s smile, removing stains and discolourations.
  2. Veneers: Veneers, which are personalised shells crafted to enhance the front surface of teeth, offer an excellent solution for correcting issues like chips, stains, or misalignment.
  3. Bonding: A treatment where a tooth-coloured resin material is applied to the teeth and hardened with a special light, bonding can repair decayed, chipped, or cracked teeth.
  4. Inlays and Onlays: These are custom-made fillings that are used to repair decayed teeth. They offer a more conservative approach than full crowns.
  5. Orthodontic Treatment: Beyond traditional braces, orthodontic treatment now includes clear aligners like Invisalign, offering discreet ways to straighten teeth and fix bite issues.
Treatments Included in General Dentistry
  1. Regular Check-ups: Routine dental exams allow dentists to assess oral health, detect issues early, and provide timely intervention.
  2. Cleanings: A cornerstone of general dentistry, regular cleanings help in plaque removal, reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities.
  3. Fillings: Used to treat cavities, fillings restore the tooth’s structure and functionality.
  4. Dentures: A solution for missing teeth, dentures can be partial (replacing some teeth) or complete (replacing all teeth), aiding in restoring aesthetics and functionality to the mouth.
  5. Root Canal Treatments: These are dental procedures that target infected tooth pulp to save the tooth and alleviate pain.
  6. Extractions: In cases where a tooth is beyond repair or poses other health risks, it may need to be removed.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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