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Implants Drummoyne

Amazing dental implants in Drummoyne

At The Smile Circle’ clinic in Drummoyne, we make sure that the process of getting dental implants is a relatively painless and quick one. First we do a thorough checkup of your teeth before our surgeons will decide if you do need a dental implant. We will then start the process by taking an impression of your teeth to understand the problem that you are facing. 

Dental Implants

Our dentists use high-grade titanium screws and place them in your jaws. After that, we top it off with a suitable artificial tooth to make sure that we can restore your smile. Normally when people miss a tooth or several of them, they consider dental implants. As our patient in Drummoyne, you must know that these are permanent solutions that we are talking about over here.

What exactly are dental implants?

If you think that dental implants are artificial teeth roots, you would not be far off the mark for sure. It is basically a titanium screw or rod that is surgically anchored onto your jawbone at the location where you are missing a tooth. Once the dental implants in Drummoyne are in position, the bone tissue bonds with them over time and create a solid foundation. It is on this foundation that the dentist then attaches a crown, denture, or bridge. Once the implants have been fitted with restorations, this would be the closest thing that you have to natural teeth.

You can also look for these dental implants in Drummoyne if you have fractured your teeth.

Who can benefit from these?

As far as dental implants are concerned, patients in Drummoyne should know that they are suitable for all ages. The only way your natural teeth would last your entire life is if you are highly fortunate!

Smile Circle

Normally there are certain categories of patients who look for these like those who are missing teeth because of a fall or accident, who have gaps in their teeth because of reasons due to tooth decay and other related issues.

The importance of these implants

Dental implants are among the best permanent treatments that are available in restorative dentistry. They are often used to restore missing teeth as we have alluded to already. Apart from looking like your normal teeth, these artificial prosthetics never cause any disturbance to the teeth that are surrounding them. Dental implants in Drummoyne can last a lifetime if you take good care of them.. Ever since they came into being, these dental implants have made a major impact on dentistry as a whole. Modern dental techniques and technologies have only made them a lot more accessible. If they are used in proper situations, they would last longer and have a high success rate as well.

Normally, when you lose teeth, you lose bone in that space and this can often lead to defects in the bone in that particular area. However, when you have dental implants, this bone loss can be prevented from happening. Having them also makes sure that the adjoining teeth do not tilt or drift into space. They also never damage the surrounding teeth and are aesthetically pleasing with a natural feel and look.

The process of getting these implants

In the first stage of the process, you would be referred to a specialist. At this stage, a small incision would be made into your gum line by using a local anaesthetic. This will be done at a precise position and for that, the dentist would conduct X-rays and examinations. Then you would be given a definite time during which the wound would heal and in this period the dental implant would develop a natural bond to your jawbone. This would create a solid and permanent foundation that would support the bridge or crown over there.

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Dental Implants

They would discuss the options that you have in your situation and then arrange a consultation. It does not matter if you are looking for dental implants in Drummoyne or anything else, because we are there for you. Please understand that invasive procedures such as these carry a few risks. Call us on (02) 9166 7757 or email:

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