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Invisalign Ashfield

Get invisalign in Ashfield from your local family dentist

The Smile Circle are your local family dentists in Ashfield and as such our main goal is to make sure that we have a great relationship with you. Over here we provide excellent invisalign treatments to people who are experiencing discomfort with their teeth which are not growing with proper alignment. Invisalign aligners are extremely beneficial. They start to work immediately on aligning your smile to make sure that your teeth are growing straighter. Our team loves to transform smiles and make people, who are otherwise too conscious about their teeth, more confident. We can assist you with brightening your smile forever!

Smile Circle

How can we help you?

The Smile Clinic can make available to you a wide range of services along with the best invisalign in Ashfield. This includes the following:

  • Implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • DSD (digital smile design)
  • General dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry

With the help of the dental implants at The Smile Circle, you can get back that beautiful smile you had when you possessed a full set of teeth. We know that missing teeth can often affect our smile and, by extension, our confidence. Our DSD services would make sure that your smile comes back – this way, you would not need any other treatment for it. Our cosmetic dental services would help you get the perfect smile. Our teeth whitening would give you a bright smile that you can always be proud of. As your trusted family dentists, we assure you that we are here to address all the general and preventive dentistry that you may need to ensure your oral health is always good.

What do Invisalign aligners do?

Our dentist would always assess if invisalign is the right treatment for you or if you should be wearing braces. When it comes to methods used to improve the alignment of your teeth, braces happen to be the more traditional method. 

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However, since the invisalign treatments we offer in Ashfield are not as obvious in appearance, it is a much more popular method. These clear aligners work gradually by shifting your teeth and for this, a sequence of transparent aligners is used for a period. They are adjusted in keeping with computer-generated models that are based on what you need in this case.

Is invisalign the right treatment for you?

As part of our work, we will perform advanced modelling to understand your teeth and jaws well. We would determine based on this if invisalign aligners would be more beneficial for you or if we have to follow any cosmetic surgery to make your teeth fit for them. You can always visit The Smile Circle in Ashfield for an assessment to determine if you are the right candidate for invisalign treatment or not.

What is invisalign?

Invisalign can be described as the newest 3D (three-dimensional) technology in orthodontics or teeth straightening. Here, a series of customised, removable, and clear aligners are used to slowly move your teeth to the position that you desire. Invisalign lets you straighten your teeth gently and it does not stick out the way older metal braces do.

The invisalign treatment schedule

Normally, such invisalign treatments are done in three phases at The Smile Circle in Ashfield. In the first phase, the right category of treatment is determined from among the various options applicable. The category of invisalign assigned to you would depend on how easy it is to straighten your teeth. 

invisalign image

This ease would be determined during your first visit itself. During the second phase, our dentists will give you a simulated treatment outcome so that the necessary changes can be made. This way you could envisage how each stage of your treatment would go. In the third phase, they would place tooth-coloured attachments on your teeth to make sure that the aligners move better and straighten your teeth.

Contact us for more details

Thus, as you can see for yourself, there is nothing regarding your teeth that we cannot cure or correct. So, feel free to touch base with The Smile Circle today and solve the dental issues in your life. We are your one-stop dental clinic in Ashfield. Feel free to call us at (02) 9166 7757 or drop us an email at

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