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Invisalign Burwood

Perfect smiles with the best invisalign treatment in Burwood

At The Smile Circle, we focus on making things easy and effective for you. Many people believe that it is invisalign that does the trick as far as straightening your teeth goes. However, the credit in this case actually must go to our orthodontists in Burwood who use their expertise to create customised aligners for our patients. 

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It is these tools that then align a patient’s teeth in such a way that they straighten gradually. Our team is highly-experienced in this particular domain of dentistry and we love the finished results – providing patients with comfortable invisalign fittings, which are an effective and discreet way of treating their teeth. The Smile Circle are leaders when it comes to invisalign aligners in Burwood.

Things to know about invisalign

Invisalign is like braces in the sense that it helps patients achieve the most beautiful smile by aligning the teeth properly. With invisalign, there are no wires and metals that are needed with braces. We use invisalign because it is a clear aligner and one of the most trusted ways to help our patients. We know that if we use them we would help our patients get a look that they desire. Invisalign is a lot gentler on your teeth compared to braces. This is because, dentists are not using adhesives to bond your teeth with brackets.

The latter method is risky because it can remove some of your tooth enamel. Apart from that, invisalign uses non-toxic and medical-grade plastic that happens to be transparent as well. When you wear these aligners they are virtually invisible. So, now you can understand the true reasons for the popularity of invisalign aligners in Burwood.

The way invisalign works

If you compare invisalign to ordinary braces, it would seem as if the former is magical in the way that it works. You can trust our dentist to provide you with your own invisalign in Burwood – customised fabricated transparent plastic trays that would fit most snugly on your upper and lower sets of teeth.

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These clear braces would put just enough pressure to make sure your teeth veer towards the right position. Once your teeth start to move, we would be changing the trays at the necessary frequency.

We would use the next set of aligners in this case. You can be sure that by the time you are wearing the final set of aligners, your teeth would be in perfect alignment!

The benefits of using invisalign

There are various advantages of straightening your teeth by wearing these clear invisalign braces. These plastic trays are non-toxic and biocompatible. They also never irritate your soft tissues. These clear braces are fabricated by using the best dental plastic in terms of quality. They are completely transparent and remain almost invisible when you are wearing them.

Do you need invisalign?

Do you want a simple, discreet, and easy orthodontic treatment without having to wear braces? In that case, invisalign treatment in Burwood would be the right option for you.

How is such treatment done?

Our invisalign treatments in Burwood normally happen over several appointments but it does vary from case to case. In the first stage, it is always about consultation. At this stage, our dentists would discuss your dental health issues. They would also inform and educate you about the requirements and preparations that are necessary, and how it differs from other dental treatments.

It is followed by cleaning and induction. At this stage, the doctors would get total diagnostic records so both you and our orthodontists can have a proper idea of your oral health. The first review in these cases normally is done a couple of weeks after the initial assessment.

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Now our dentists prepare a 3D (three-dimensional) simulation of your treatment journey. After this comes the preparation appointment. The doctors would prepare the unique invisalign for your teeth. This is followed by monitoring appointments. The final stage of this process is the retention appointment.

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