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Invisalign Croydon

Straighten your teeth with invisalign in Croydon — The Smile Clinic

The Smile Circle is a highly-regarded clinic for invisalign treatments in Croydon. This is why you can always have faith in our skills, training, and experience. 

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We assure you that during the entire time you get treated by us you would understand the kind of difference that a high-class team like ours can make to your teeth and oral health.

The best invisalign providers in Croydon

When you come in to get your invisalign checked or get a new set at our Croydon clinic, we will offer you a complete dental check-up of the highest order. So, if you are living in Croydon it would make perfect sense to visit a dentist who is closer to your home and is one you can depend upon.

The growing popularity of invisalign in Australia

Invisalign braces have become highly popular all around Australia as they allow you to straighten your teeth while staying virtually invisible. This means that you do not need the metal braces that are traditionally used in braces. This is what we at The Smile Circle specialise in. We provide you with the best invisalign treatment in and around Croydon. When you wear these invisalign aligners, you do not have to be bothered by the prospect of having to wear metal braces. This is why invisalign is the ideal orthodontic solution for adults. They are also referred to as clear aligners and invisible braces.

As part of such treatments, we devise the most customised plan for you.

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Why should you get invisalign?

There are several advantages to wearing invisaligns. First of all, they are almost invisible which means that people would not even notice that you are wearing them. We give you a personalised treatment plan. For this, we use a 3D (three-dimensional) image of your teeth – one which shows every step of the process that would be followed to straighten your teeth. If you get your invisalign treatment in Croydon done at The Smile Circle, it could be a lot more effective and much quicker than the conventional braces. This means you have straighter teeth in a much shorter time.

What you need to know about invisalign

Invisalign can be described as a cutting-edge substitute for the braces that are traditionally used by people to straighten teeth. Here, a sequence of almost invisible plastic aligners would move your teeth to the desired position gradually. Each aligner stays in place for around a couple of weeks. After that, you move on to the next invisalign aligners in Croydon. You can be sure that little by little, your teeth will move to the desired point.

What does such treatment require?

You have to wear these aligners each day for as long as our dentist requires you to do so. It is recommended that you take them out only when you are having meals. The best thing is to have them on all the time. In these cases, the dentist may also temporarily bond small attachments that are in the same hue as your teeth. This would be done in the critical areas so that the aligners do not slip away or fall out. You would also have to see our dentist regularly for a new aligner or to monitor the one you are already wearing.

These days, you also have services like computerised monitoring so that you do not have to visit The Smile Clinic every time.

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Is invisalign the right choice?

When you visit The Smile Clinic in Croydon for the first time, our team will analyse you to determine if invisaligns are indeed the right treatment for you or not. Once we have decided that you are good to go, we will provide you with a scanned 3D image of your teeth – this will show you how your smile would look when the treatment ends. Apart from this, we would also provide you with detailed quotes and all the information you need on payments before you start the treatment. This will surely make things a lot easier for you.

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