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Invisalign Drummoyne

Finest invisalign aligners in Drummoyne at The Smile Circle

At The Smile Circle, we provide you with the best invisalign aligners in Drummoyne. As the leading family dental clinic in Drummoyne, we use breakthrough technology and this is why we can help you straighten your teeth without using metal braces. 

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We assure you that these are the perfect solutions if you want the benefits of braces without the ungainly look. We also make such treatment easy for our patients by treating them in the friendliest and warmest manner. You can visit our website to get more information on our range of dental treatments, including invisalign aligners.

What is invisalign?

Invisalign can be described as the invisible way in which you can straighten your teeth. In this form of treatment, The Smile Circle dentists in Drummoyne use a series of removable and clear aligners that straighten your teeth gradually without needing wires or metal for the same.

How does it work?

Our dentists use 3D (three-dimensional) computer imaging technology to show you the total treatment plan starting from the initial position to the final position of your teeth. It is based on such imaging that the series of customised clear invisalign aligners are created.

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Each of these moves your teeth in stages. You normally have to use them for just a couple of weeks and then they are replaced by the next set. This goes on till you get to the final position that is ideal for your teeth.

What are the basic benefits of invisalign?

These are clear aligners that we are talking about over here. This is why they can straighten your teeth without anyone else knowing about it. You can remove invisalign as and when you want to. This means that you can remove it when you are eating. You can also do so when you want to floss or brush your teeth. This helps you maintain good oral hygiene as well. These are comfortable too since you do not have any wire or metal brackets. This means less irritation as well as less time spent at the dentist clinic getting adjustments. The Smile Circle is the leading dental clinic in Drummoyne for invisalign, with years of experience behind us.

What do they look like?

These aligners are clear and they look almost the same as trays used to whiten your teeth. They are customised to give you a better fit for your teeth. Some dentists and orthodontists also refer to them as contact lenses for teeth!

Things to know before choosing an orthodontist

Selecting the right orthodontist for invisalign in Drummoyne might seem like a simple process till the time you start searching and discover that there are plenty of such professionals in the area. How can you find the best orthodontist for yourself as well as your family? Orthodontic treatments can normally take a long time to be completed. This is why it is extremely important to get professional dentists who are properly qualified like those employed at The Smile Circle.

Focusing on their expertise and experience

When you are looking for these specialists, the most important factors to focus on are their area of expertise and the amount of experience they have as professionals. Have they spent a long time in the industry? Do they have the proper qualifications to work as an orthodontist? You must also ask them if they are members of any professional organisation in Australia. All these are important factors that you need to get sorted out before you get invisalign in Drummoyne from any such dentist. It is only when you are satisfied in all these areas that you should pick a clinic or dentist. The Smile Circle ticks off all these boxes so you can visit us without any hesitation for your invisalign or other dental treatments.

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Range of treatments available in Drummoyne

These days, in Drummoyne you do have a lot of treatment options when it comes to orthodontic work. If the orthodontists are good, they would be acquainted with a diverse array of treatment options and thus would be able to discuss the best way of treating you too based on the situation of your teeth and gums. Always look for orthodontists who have experience working in a wide range of cases, like those at The Smile Circle in Drummoyne.

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