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Invisalign Strathfield

Get the best invisalign in Strathfield

The Smile Circle specialises in customised orthodontic work for patients of all ages at our Strathfield clinic. We assure you that we would be able to help you unveil a beautiful smile in almost no time at all. We are specialists when it comes to invisalign treatments in Strathfield. 

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At our practice, we always make our best efforts to ensure that we can help you achieve the best possible smile and achieve optimal oral health. We want to make sure that your teeth are healthy, functioning properly, and straight as it was supposed to be. Our doctors have years of experience in building perfect smiles that leave you feeling confident. We are proud to provide you with the best invisalign for your teeth.

The top dentists close to you

At The Smile Circle, we grant you a contemporary, professional, and comprehensive range of dental services including invisalign in Strathfield. Our patients do consider us to be one of the most innovative dental practices in Strathfield and Sydney. We are committed to providing you with the best dental care options available. Yes, we will provide you the best treatments for you as well as your family. We welcome patients to experience the positive difference that we can make in their lives with invisalign and other dental treatments at our Strathfield clinic.

What you should know about invisalign

Do you wish to improve your smile without bringing it to the notice of your colleagues and friends? This is what you would precisely be able to do with the help of invisalign clear aligners. Our dentists will create the most precise treatment plan for you based on your requirements. We would start the process of making invisalign aligners in Strathfield for you with an initial consultation where the main purpose would be to determine if you are a suitable candidate or not. If you have minimal teeth crowding, you would be considered an ideal candidate for invisalign.
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Once we determine that this is the right treatment for you, we would get started right away. We would use clear aligners that are moulded perfectly to suit your teeth. Throughout the entire duration of the treatment, your invisalign would be changed at necessary intervals. Each of these would work along with the next to make sure that your bite is corrected and your teeth are straightened. The best thing about invisalign is that you have the freedom to remove it when you have to eat.

Comparison with metal braces

Traditional metal braces are efficient when it comes to straightening your poorly-aligned teeth. However, a lot of patients are not exactly fond of having to wear them for months, especially the adults. This is where this revolutionary invisalign teeth alignment system is such a pleasant surprise. Not only are they comfortable but invisible as well. They are a great way to get straight teeth no matter how old you are. It also helps that you do not have to spoil your smile to achieve your goals this way. The Smile Clinic in Strathfield is the perfect place for you to have your invisalign aligners fitted.

They are pretty simple in that sense. These are clear teeth trays that are made from medical-grade plastic. In such treatments, we make a series of aligners according to the precise specifications of your mouth. All these are a bit different from their predecessors – this helps in continuing the subtle movement of your teeth to an optimal position. Such updates are done at a regular frequency till our dentists and you are fully happy with your new, straight smile. We assure you that all our aligners are different from each other. We always start such treatment with a 3D (three-dimensional) digital scan of your mouth.

We are not limited to invisalign treatments

Apart from invisaligns, we present a wide array of other dental treatments as well. This includes cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and cleaning, etc. As part of our cosmetic dentistry, we incorporate elective techniques and aesthetic materials to change the way that improves your smile.
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The Smile Clinic in Strathfield offers a diverse variety of dental services at your convenience. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, feel free to call us at (02) 9166 7757 or drop us an email at:

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