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Whitening Leichhardt

Get the charming smile that you deserve with teeth whitening in Leichhardt

At The Smile Circle, we can provide you with all kinds of teeth whitening services including take-home kits. We offer in-chair teeth whitening which is known to yield instant results. With the help of our take-home whitening kit, you can bring back the white to your teeth at your own convenience. However, please remember that the treatment, in this case, could take longer to show the desired effects. 

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We are a family-oriented dental practice, and we also believe in working as a team. We treat patients of all ages as well. Despite the diversity of our clients, we are always aware of their unique needs when it comes to teeth whitening at our Leichhardt clinic.

Get a sparkling smile with our teeth whitening

If you have a sparkling white smile, it does say a lot about how you are as a person. It fills you with confidence in front of the whole world. So just think how good it would be to have the kind of smile that we are talking about over here. One of the best ways you can do so is with the help of our teeth whitening treatment in Leichhardt. We assure you that we would brighten your smile with more shades than any of our colleagues around Leichhardt can do for you.

Charm the world with your smile – you deserve it

Thanks to the years of wear and tear that our teeth go through, they start to pale and eventually become discoloured. The texture of your teeth can also be harmed by your eating and drinking habits. This is where we come in with our revolutionary techniques for whitening your teeth. We use the best techniques in Australia, let alone Leichhardt. Our teeth whitening procedures are highly efficient, cause you no pain at all, and can deliver better results than you want!
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Some basic information on teeth whitening

We all are unique, and this means different parts of our bodies such as our eyes, the colour of our skin, and hair vary to some extent from others. This applies to the colour of our teeth as well. It is not as if many people around the world are born with naturally white teeth. Apart from that, even as we age, our teeth can become discoloured as well and this is where procedures such as teeth whitening in Leichhardt can play such a major role.

A few words on our services

When it comes to the different methods used for whitening your teeth, professional bleaching is the most commonly performed one. At our clinic, our dental team always assesses you first to determine whether you are suitable for such a procedure or not. Our teeth whitening treatment normally starts with the dentist protecting your gums using the likes of gels or rubber shields. After that they use trays to apply the whitening agents on your teeth – these trays fit your mouth like a mouthguard. The active ingredient in these cases is normally carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Our in-chair teeth whitening services

Our in-chair whitening service is highly popular across Leichhardt, and this is because it is safe and is done quickly. It also helps that the results in these cases can last for a long time. 

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It is the correct option for people who are leading a busy life and want results in the shortest time possible. They are also ones who cannot bother spending time at home applying the gel in their mouths to whiten their teeth by themselves.

What is the best solution for whitening your teeth?

Also known as bleaching, teeth whitening is a simple, effective, and safe method of achieving a brighter and whiter smile. However, before you get started with such a procedure, it is important to make sure that you are in good oral health. This is why our team always assesses you before we start teeth whitening in Leichhardt. If you wish to know more about our procedures and work out which one would suit you the best, kindly get in touch with us. For that, you can drop us an email at or call us on (02) 9166 7757.

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